I can't wait to meet you gorgeous!

Robyn specializes in Extensions, Blonding, Dimensional and Healthy Hair.


"My mission is to provide a place for you to come believing your individual needs will be heard & met. A place you feel peace and trust. A place to laugh, cry, sit in silence, talk about all the things, feed the soul, bare the soul, whatever it takes for you to feel empowered & beautiful when you leave my chair. And let's not forget having your hair look amazeballs too!!"

As a young mom with her now 25 year old son, Robyn entered the beauty industry focused on nails and skin. While doing hair on the down low, at the beginning of her career, in 2016 she was able to go back to school and fulfilled her dream of being a stylist. 


Family and friends are life to this focused hair superstar. Whether it's a dinner date, friends vacay, or loving on her two year old grandson and bonus son or her time with her guests she puts her everything into relationships. Outside of all things family, friends and hair...you can find Robyn educating herself with the latest greatest trends in hair and business, hitting the gym or Target and Marshall's, turning on reality TV (House Hunters or RHOC) or falling asleep ten minutes into the movie she just spent an hour choosing...lol. 

Robyn believes self-confidence is the key to recognizing what is within yourself. She is equipped to listen to what you say and discern what you can't. Her attention to detail and listen are the points of difference that set her apart from an average stylist.

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