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Hi, beautiful! 

Specializing in Blonding 
and Dimensional Colors.

With the ability to make you feel like family, Jesika will make your hair dreams come true. She specializes in creating bright healthy blondes as well as beautiful low maintenance dimensional colors.

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"I love how hair transformations make people smile! Hair days are the best days!!"

I was raised up in the beauty industry! Salon life has influenced every business I've owned. Whether it's a trim or a full transformation, I am in awe of how it can change a persons outlook on life. 

Even though I'm a naturally energetic person I can not resist a sugar free Red Bull. When I'm not making magic behind the chair you can find me in the great outdoors, my pole in one hand and a Rolling Rock in another. Time spent with my friends and family refreshes and reenergizes me so I can give my all to my clients. I can't wait to connect! See you soon!!

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