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Hey! I'm's so nice to meet you!

Emma is excited to start her journey as a stylist. After years of playing with and experimenting on hair during high school she realized her passion and went to school to enter the beauty industry. 

"Hey! I'm Emma:) it's so nice to see you today! I decided I wanted to get into the beauty industry after starting to play around with my best friend's hair quite frequently. With a lot of giggles and some great success and a few suprises I realized that I really enjoyed."

"I finished school this winter and started a mentoring program here at Blush with a few of my hair besties. I'm learning there endless possibilities for the looks I can create for you!"

When Emma is not in the salon waving her magic color wand or giving a snappy men's cut you'll find her on an adventure. The beach calls her name and she goes running hand in hand with her hubby to be, Devin.
They love to spend their time together hiking and playing with her two pups, Envy and Frills. Their downtime consists of shopping and thrifting or snuggling up on the couch with ....binging their favorite Nextflix show. 

At the end of a long week nothing quite sooths the soul as breakfast at Elmer's...they have the best breakfast food and strawberry lemonade😂 

"I'm so excited to meet you! We are going to create something amazing!"

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