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Hello, I am DaraLyn!

DaraLyn is a Wedding Stylist and Makeup Artist. In the salon she specializes in Custom Color, Extensions, Braids, Wigs and Multicultural Hair.

"I am so grateful that I get to do what I love"

Hair makeup is my passion but there is more to me than what you see behind the chair.

My days start off with a smile from my adorable husband and life partner and our beautiful daughter, followed quickly with a cup of piping hot coffee. Once I have energy running through my veins I take a few and run through my fave YouTube subscriptions...sometime binging on Netflix, but we I prefer YouTube. 

I find inspiration everywhere, but being outside, chasing adventure and breathing the fresh air recharges me. Come in and experience all I have to offer for your day-to-day look or for the look on your most important day!

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