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Hey! What's up beautiful!

"My name is Ashton, salon life is not new to me. I'm a 4th generation stylist and I've spent the last several years researching my career path so I can offer the most specialized services."


"I grew up in small town Lebanon, OR where I currently live. I'm the oldest of seven and enjoy time with and without my family. When I’m not working I spend my time coaching, reffing and killin' it on the disc golf course with the guys. In the evenings you can find me binge watching the latest Hulu or Netflix show with my girlfriend Brooklyn or yelling into my headeset while spending quality time with my buddies. I love coffee, sushi and Crunbl cookie....might have to slow down on my consumption lol."

Ashton is a hair stylist and Da Vinici Teeth Whitening specialist. He loves giving people the confidence to be known and smile big. Great service is his specialty. He is especially concerned with your comfort so feel free to tell him how to best meet your needs. He is confident that he can make your hair dreams come true. Slide into his Dm's to schedule your hair services or teeth whitening. 

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